Some hateful words about myself

Hello! My name is Christian and I probably work for some big IT company in Germany at the moment. My main tasks usually involve complaining a lot, bitching about things I would have done differently and then leading everyone to glorious victory in case they finally obeyed my omniscient commands.

It’s also called IT-Architect.

I have a strong operations background. For all Software Developers or DevOps (who are basically Software Developer who know how to use Heroku and Co.): Operations is the department that used to maintain the systems and services your code was either segfaulting on or casually used 300% of the available memory.

I also enjoy coding, since a few years almost exclusively in Python. You can find plenty of my projects on Github. Doesn’t that make me a DevOps, you ask? Nope. A DevOps understands neither Development nor Operations. I understand both.

Wow, that sounds quite arrogant!

Arrogance, Confidence, Facts, call it what you want. If failed to often and so hard in the last 10 years of work that I can say I know what I am doing. I’ve seen a lot of weird shit and history seems to repeat itself, especially in the IT Industry.

Since I’m basically pissed from nine to five, I enjoyed the idea of hate driven development. I’ve even dedicated of a whole section on this horribly expensive website to it, since it has not gotten enough attention in my oppinion.