OpenSource Metric Based Monitoring

I’ve noticed that I’m running late for my obligatory one blogpost per year, so I decided I could share my current experience with monitoring volatile infrastructures. Or in other words monitoring in a constantly changing environment, where nodes and container can appear and disappear anytime. The challenge here is not only to automate the whole monitoring process but also to decide if it is an error when a node suddenly disappears or if it is just part of a normal downscaling process. [Read More]

Monitoring a Ceph Cluster

Ceph is a distributed object storage technology. I’ve been working with it for nearly a year now and I can honestly say it is a beast. It takes a lot of time to get into all the details and I still know only the more high level functions of this masterpiece of open source development. One problem I was confronted with quite early was: How to monitor the cluster health in a convenient way? [Read More]

Setting Up an 3-Node InfluxDB Cluster

InfluxDB is a quite new timeseries database. I was having a look at it during my search for alternatives for Graphites carbon/whisper backend. Since it looks pretty promising, right now it need some effort to get it up and running, especially if you want to build up a cluster (one of the reasons I was searching for an alternative to carbon). Using version 0.6.5 I’m going to describe what you have to do to setup a 3-Node cluster with a replication level of two. [Read More]